Our Services

Psychological therapy for private patients

You do not need a GP Mental health care plan (MHCP) or GP referral to attend our practice. If you are attending our practice as a private patient and seeing one of our registered or Clinical psychologists, you may be eligible for a rebate under a GP MHCP. A GP MHCP currently covers up to 20 sessions per calendar year.

Comprehensive Assessments

Assessment is a way for psychologists to use clinical tools and psychometric instruments to answer specific referral questions, understand you, inform a diagnosis, help plan the most effective treatments or offer recommendations best suited to your needs.

For example, psychological assessment may look at personality characteristics, emotional states, and coping mechanisms. Neuropsychological assessment typically includes these components of a psychological assessment and evaluation of multiple areas of thinking, memory and executive functions. Participating in an assessment can happen for a variety of reasons, and each assessment is tailored for the individual needs of the person undergoing evaluation. Depending on your reasons for seeking an assessment, different tools may be used.

Sometimes assessment is requested by a third party, such as an employer or independent agency. Throughout the assessment process you have the right to inquire about the nature or purpose of all procedures and understand how the information you provide may be used. You also have the right to know the test results, interpretations, and recommendations from your assessment.

For children and adolescent assessments, please note that both parents/carers must consent to the assessment unless we have been provided with documentation to advise otherwise.

NDIS – Individual Therapy and Functional Capacity of Psychosocial Disability Assessments

Our practice is registered to provide services to NDIS participants aged 7 years and over.

Please contact your Plan Manager, NDIA representative or our practice for further information. Our session fees are charged at the NDIS gazetted rate and there are no out-of- pocket gap fees.

Payment is required on the day of your appointment if you are a self-managed NDIS client. If you are plan-managed or agency-managed, we will submit our invoice directly to them for payment.

Workers’ compensation (SIRA)

Our registered and clinical psychologists are accredited with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

If you are covered by a worker’s insurance claim, we will require written approval from the insurer before scheduling an appointment. We will then be able to invoice the insurer directly for services we provide to you.
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